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Obscene Amenities

As a tribute to Billy Arkin, I thought I would share photos of some of the Obscene Amenities I found while in Iraq. Are there some plush rear areas, perhaps especially in the civilian administrative areas? I would not doubt it, based on some things I've heard about the State areas. The FOB's (or equivalent) I visited did have nice DFACs, yet some of the photos below were shot there. My take is that the troops on the sharp end deserve anything and everything they can get. That said, here we go...








Not complaining about any of it a bit, just noting -- and I will even note that I was glad to have any of it during my stay. Some of the beds were interesting, since some of the locally purchased bunk beds turned out to have a 98-pound weight limit. The tubes and tubs were better, IMO, than improvised or a slit trench. No one complained about any of it (other than good natured kvetching), they were glad to have it, and even shared suggestions for "fixes" for things such as bending beds. Enjoy.