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Sharp Drop in Airstrikes in Iraq

Marine Sergeant DJ Emery - Update 8

Background links below. If you don't know who DJ Emery is, read the first few links:

The latest update on DJ is from his mother, Connie, on November 1st:

Hello everyone DJ and Carlee are doing fine. DJ's new liner didn't come in this week like we hoped maybe next week. He developed a sore on his left stump so that was alittle of a set back and alot of pain for him. Carlee was working out with him today. She laid on the mat beside him and it looked like she was doing push ups. We took her outside today after they both rested up and DJ pushed her on the baby swing she really liked that. He is feeding her right now she is getting sleepy. Well they both need to rest up to get a good start for tomorrow. Thanks for all the support.
Below is a photo of DJ working hard in Physical Therapy.