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Veterans Day Mike Royko Style

Is the Sac Bee really this clueless?

The mighty MM points out an example of complete tone deafness by the Public Editor of the Sacramento Bee in publishing a pitiful rationalization for the actions of their tone deaf and brain dead reporter Bobby Calvan, who I battered here. Let's read the tap dancing of the Sac Bee's conscience, now remember he is covering the ass of his jackass reporter who had the wrong ID and then belittled the gate guard for doing his job.

Even the mainstream media got into the act. On Oct. 25 USA Today’s “On Deadline” Web site wrote about the controversy, including running an excerpt from Calvan’s blog.

It’s as if the armchair critics were pointing a big, fat finger and saying, “Aha, we caught you!”

Well no, actually the little punk fronted himself out and we shined a light on it. Isn't that what you jagoffs are supposed to do? There was absolutely no cause for that reporter to disrespect a kid serving his country. But he did and the idiot Public Editor could have let diseased dogs lie, but NOOOOOO! On freakin' Veteran's day this maroon decides that's a great time for a primer about pissing on the troop's heads and telling them it's raining.

They then proceeded to use Calvan’s blog to blame The Bee, the McClatchy Washington Bureau (which supervises foreign coverage) and the mainstream media for every perceived journalistic sin known to man in Iraq.

“It was used by people with a political agenda,” said Mark Seibel, managing editor in charge of foreign coverage for McClatchy’s Washington Bureau. “They were trying to discredit our reporting coming out of Iraq.”

Did it ever occur to you that maybe the dipstick Knight Rider reporter showing his ass might be the one discrediting your reporting? The American people have about a 60-70% favorable feeling about that kid pulling guard, and your arrogant dung beetle reporter just dropped the MSM down from it's previous rating of whale shite on the bottom of the ocean.

Your "reporting" on the war in Iraq is about as real as your "support" for the troops. You have no decency and no understanding of what the day you attempted to befoul is all about. Stay in Sacramento and disrespect your betters you smarmy pissant, you are not even worthy of any more than the disdain I just sent.