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Help Marines Help Iraqi School Kids

Via Corporal Seamus (USA) and Major Doug Kuhn (in Iraq) sends the following message from one of his Marine Sergeants, Sergeant Garrett DuBois, who has a request for you:


Hope all is well. Not much time right now so ill give yall a brief update and then I have a special request that I would like to see if your schools could assist with, for those of you who are involved in education.   

We are doing very well and have access to phone and internet almost daily, not that I always have the time, but its here if we need it. The towns that we are in are kinda poor. The locals seem to be very friendly and accepting and the kids are extremely excited to see us, talk to us, and ask us for things. Especially water. We aren't involved in all these extreme fire fights and knocking down doors, which a lot of people may think. To put it simply, we are like police officers patrolling in neighborhoods which are poor, and possibly could be some hostile. But, most enjoy and welcome our presence, because they know we can help them a lot more than insurgents can.

I have already had a lot of interaction with kids and some amount with the elders. 

I look forward to the assistance we can give these towns and their children, because that is what will drive out the bad guys. I am and have always believed that the children, in any society, are the path to a bright future. If we can help these kids, then their parents will respect us and accept us now, but more importantly, the kids will grow up with a positive out look on Americans which saves us time and effort 10 years from now. 

Their school starts in approx 2 weeks. They are very limited on school supplies. I have given away about 5 pens already. What I am requesting is, if at all possible, if we can get your respective schools to make an effort for me and these kids to help them out with different supplies.

From what I can tell as of now the easiest thing and most helpful would be the simple things: Pencils, Pens, Small Note Tablets, Colors, and Coloring books. 

Just let me know if we can do anything to make this work out. Any little bit can help. Thanks for all your support and correspondence. It’s a good release to talk to and hear from people. 


Here is where we are to mail all care packages and school supplies:

    SGT DuBois, Garrett L.
    3/23 WPNS CO (1st PLT/ 2nd SECT)
    Unit 73147
    FPO AE  09509-3147

    (please note: this is a different address from Garrett’s)
    LCPL Bolton , Andrew H.
    3/23 WPNS CO (1st PLT/ 1st SECT)
    UNIT 73147
    FPO AE 09509-3147