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BEWARE!!! Iraq is More Dangerous!!!


Maybe if you are a filthy Wahhabi Al-Qaeda sympathizer.  I guess when the news isn't bad, you just make the story about yourself and how bad you have it.  This from our friends from Al-Reuters;

WASHINGTON, Nov 28 (Reuters) - Nearly 90 percent of U.S. journalists in Iraq say much of Baghdad is still too dangerous to visit, despite a recent drop in violence attributed to the build-up of U.S. forces, a poll released on Wednesday said.  The survey by the Washington-based Pew Research Center showed that many U.S. journalists believe coverage has painted too rosy a picture of the conflict.

I am going to guess that by "poll" they mean, a show of hands of journalists sitting in the Sheraton Hotel bar in the Green Zone.

The Pew people though, managed to pimp slap these cowards for well, the cowards they are.

A separate Pew poll released on Tuesday showed that 48 percent of Americans believe the U.S. military effort in Iraq is going very or fairly well, up from 34 percent in June, amid signs of declining Iraqi civilian casualties and progress against Islamist militants such as al Qaeda in Iraq.

So, average Americans believe things are going better, but reporters believe they are all about to be rounded up and beheaded.  Hmmm.  No bias there....

Al-Reuters was at least truthful about who faces the actual danger in reporting the stories they submit from Iraq.

Much of the danger for journalists is faced by local Iraqis, who often do most of the reporting outside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, the data showed.

As part of a sampling I took, let's just see what has been going on lately, as reported by someone who has not been swilling booze and chasing tail while sending out stringers to get you a story about anything that will put the US in a bad light.

I wonder what Mike Yon, The B5 embeds, and the PAO's of MNF-I think about how dangerous it is?

Michael Yon on his website says: "Interest in the war is waning back home, I'm told, which may explain the thinning ranks of reporters over here. Ironically, with fewer reporters here every day, it's even more critical to keep the few sources of news on the ground working.

I think he even said a few weeks ago that he had not been involved in any kind of firefight or heard the sounds of battle in weeks.

Those of us B5ers who keep up here know that our embeds are getting out there and reporting the stories of the men and women who they travel with.

The survey did cover a question of media bias in how the reporting shakes out.  Al-Reuters went back to the script on this one.

The journalists gave high marks to the overall reporting effort, with 74 percent rating news-gathering as good or excellent. The highest marks went to coverage of U.S. troops and the war against insurgents.

Despite claims by U.S. officials that reporting from Iraq is negatively biased, 70 percent of those surveyed believe overall coverage is accurate, while 15 percent say the coverage makes the situation look better than it is.

Well, for the coverage to be accurate, you would actually have to file stories that can be seen in the media here in the USA.  I haven't heard a peep about the success of the "so-called surge" in weeks.  I mean, Fallujah is so safe now that I expect not to hear a report about it ever again.

Forty-four percent of journalists believe reporting has treated the Bush administration fairly, while 43 percent said coverage has been too easy on U.S. officials.

Really, treated the Bush administration fairly?  Ya think?  Hmmm...  I wonder what "fair" means to them?

The fact of the matter is these guys and gals from the Dinosaur Media outlets are sending out stringers to get them something everyday to send into their editors.  When they can't find anything like car bombers who kill children (because we have killed them and blown up their caches), AQI terrorists being tortured (because our Iraqi partners have killed them in battle), mass graves (that in some cases don't exist), they send nothing to their editors.  The Iraqi Stringers face the most danger, while these cowards hide in the Green Zone behind layers of Coalition Soldiers and private contractors.

I suspect they send nothing because that would mean they are being "fair" to the Bush Administration and supportive of our efforts to win in Iraq.

Couldn't have that now, could we?