Vegas baby! Update
The Surge Isn't working! There is no light at the end of the tunnel! The War is Lost!!

Happy Birthday USMC!

It has been 232 years since Tun Tavern, but the Marines are still:


The height of dignity, decorum, and modesty


Strangely competitive over that last piece of pie from the DFAC


Always on guard


Always at the ready

Semper Fi

Thanks to MaryAnn for the reminder.

Thanks to Task Force 1/4, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines for being good hosts and good sports. Some wisdom humor is below the fold. Be careful how fast you click over...


I told you to be careful!

Also, how do you tell a Soldier from a Marine when out of uniform?

Soldier: This f***** blah blah blah is s***!

Marine: This f***** blah f*** blah f*** blah is f***** s***!