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Five Years At The Parkway Rest Stop

It is hard to believe that Jim has been at this for five years. If you haven't read Parkway Rest Stop, you are missing some good stuff. Jim's time in the Army, as well as in law school, take a delightful twist in the MASTER SGT. JOHN “JACK” STEELE, ADJUNCT PROFESSOR OF LAW series. Jim was one of the first blogs I read, and I actually went to one of the Helen Blog Meets to meet him (and Rob). It was good to do so, even if I did have to put up with someone yodelling the Loch Tay Boat Song down by the creek at the time... *G* Jimbo (the original, that is) it's not just the hair -- it's five years of Farookin great posts and thoughts as well as the hair.

who thanks Tammi for the kick under the table to remind me I needed to read some blogs today...