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Congressman David Obey is an idiot...

Congressman Obey, assume the position....


If violence is decreasing in Iraq, it may be because insurgents “are running out of people to kill,” House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) said Monday.

“There are fewer targets of opportunity,” Obey said in a speech to the National Press Club.

Yeah, I know B5'ers, "and in other news, water is wet."

Not certain if Congressman Obey has been paying attention to the news lately, but he may have noticed that no Old, Dinosaur media outlet is reporting on the goings-on in MNF-I.  Hmmm...  Wonder why that is?

Could it be.....  This is the reason why?  Or maybe this is why...

I think it is quite likely that it is we, the US Armed Forces, who are running short on targets.  The pile of terrorist asshats and foreign asshats that continue to, well, pile up, as a result of our efforts, and the efforts of our soldiers, would, well, make it unpopular to shoot at anyone, let alone, US Soldiers.

But wait a minute, isn't this the party that said all of our soldiers were just targets in a big civil war?  If the Surge put more soldiers in Iraq, wouldn't it stand to reason that there would be more targets for the dirty pajama crowd to shoot at.  I mean, I am not well versed in libtard math, but I can add.  Looks like even the thugs can figure out what happens when the people turn on them.

Oh, and another nugget from the article in "The Hill":

As the House’s top appropriator, Obey has his hands on the nation’s purse strings, giving him a significant say on the war in Iraq.

Let me clear up for everyone, including Mr. Sparkle and Jeffrey, that Congressman Obey does NOT have a significant say on the war in Iraq.  The President, who is the CinC, has the significant say.  Congressman Obey has a significant say in how the money gets to the places it needs to go, and the fact that he is going to hold the money our soldiers need for the victory in Iraq hostage to support his agenda is pretty lame.

The whole article is here.

He also needs to confer with Steny Hoyer, the leader of the Majority in the House.

“Stability and a decrease in violence, they’ve done that - God bless them. I’m not surprised that they did,"

Congressman Obey needs to support our troops by approving the money they need and to stop playing politics with spending bills crossing the President's desk, that is, unless he wants to continue to look like a complete idiot by combining the DoD budget bill with any of the hundred other authorizations that they know are going to get kicked back on the veto.

That might make it so when the Democrats say they support the troops, that it might actually be true.