North Koreans Fight Pirates, Call U.S. Navy for help
Men for Others...

Comments from the Sand

"Others pointed out the risks of such a rule, considering the dangers of a war zone, lack of security and regular rocket attacks on U.S. personnel."

We all had a good laugh over that line here at Camp Victory. 

I liked Subsunk's take on the whining of Foreign Service Officers.  Like military officers, these guys hold a commission from the president.  They also take an oath, the same oath as the Secretary of State, and it has that line in it about "all enemies foreign and domestic."

Even, you know, the ones with rockets.

Guess what, boys?  You're volunteers too.  You can resign that commission any time you want.

Let's be fair, though.  Here's a story about some State guys who are getting it done.  The EPRTs that are out with them are a critical part of the war.  This is what interagency is supposed to look like.  If you're with the US government in any capacity, take a hard look.  If it doesn't look like that where you are, fix it so it does.

UPDATE:  Juan Cole is starting an internet campaign to close the Embassy in Iraq, or, as he puts it, to "force congress to save our diplomats."

Save them for what?

That's a serious question.  If diplomats aren't "for" helping to bring a successful end to a war their nation is fighting -- just what are they for?   

Is State just for issuing visas from peaceful countries?  Or is it actually about diplomacy?