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Blackfive TV- Concerned Citizens & other signs of success

Pmi_weblogo We proudly announce the first actual segment of Blackfive TV. This content is the result of our partnership with Bill Roggio's non-profit Public Multimedia, which sent he and David Tate to Baghdad and the surrounding areas for much of September. This same partnership sent B.A. Patty to the Philippines and we hope many others to hot spots around the world. You can help by clicking the logo and buying some batteries or body armor for them. Also check out David Tate's website The Battlefield Tourist. The intro and closing animations by

David files a video report and then Bill and I discuss the Concerned Citizens program and the other changes in the areas around Baghdad where much of the planning  for attacks in the capital used to happen. Language warning for soldiers being soldiers briefly. There are very important credits at the end, and technology escaped me. When the vid ends, if you don't get a nice segment about our credits let me know. Scroll your mouse a hair to the right on the time slider, but I'm done. The credits have been rejected by my machine, your results may vary. They are cool and Matty and his guy did some excellent work on them so slide and watch them if you get there.