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OK I love the YouTube debate

Blackfive- Like Trainspotting for Warmongers

I can only take this as a compliment. Some Brit journo goes to a seminar to teach him about blogs and ends up giving us an excellent tagline. I just hope he was reading my drivel when he pegged us.

Alan Moore flashed up some examples of blogs and, stretching my multitasking to the limit, I read some of the texts as he spoke. Bob Lutz, a big cheese at General Motors started by apologising for not writing much lately, while the author of a blog about motorcycle locks agonised about what their first posting should be about.

Black Five looked like trainspotting for extreme warmongers and a Korean website OhMyNews appeared to have no news at all, only comment and opinion. I'm all for comment and opinion, but if OhMyNews has any news on it, it certainly isn't mine.

I think he may have been trying to geek slap us by making a reference to the actual hobby of spotting trains and writing down their numbers which Brit geeks actually do. I will take it as homage to the deranged movie of the same title, and gladly accept it. Please add any taglines you feel we ought to consider and I will promote any that create a ha. Oh and you can decide who of us is who, although I know who I am.