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[Contributed for Valour-IT by the most excellent Cox and Forkum]

The 2007 Annual Valour-IT Fund Raiser totals are coming in...however, mailed checks are not yet accounted for and could tip the scales.  To date, the totals are:

    Army: $53,023.00
    Marines: $39,673.00
    Air Force: $25,638.34
    Navy/CG: $20,081.75
    And non-team donations $29,954.82

And, as we're waiting for the checks to come in and get processed we will probably surpass $200,000 this year in donations.

And so, if you supported the Army with a donation of $500 or more, and would like a private (all adult beverages paid) Blackfive Tour of Chicago's Irish Pubs, send me a receipt and we'll work out the details.

The Army team had twice the number of donors as any other team.

So, to say that I'm grateful to be a part of this effort is a bit understated.  Thank you.


Update:  And the three soldiers in this USAToday article are Valour-IT recipients.

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