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Army Medic (and Miss Utah) Competing in Miss America Pageant

Posted By Blackfive
Photo Sgt. Maj. Prater

GI Jill, Sergeant Jill Stevens, a Utah National Guard Medic and OEF veteran, is someone you can be proud of and support on January 26, 2008, when she competes in the Miss America Pageant.

As a National Guard soldier in College, her university pageant director convinced her to compete.  She scoffed at the idea.

...A combat medic and Miss Utah 2007, Sgt. Jill Stevens is a member of the Utah National Guard's 1st Battalion, 211th Aviation Regiment. She will chronicle her preparation and competition in the Miss America pageant at www.army.mil/gijill.

The pageant will be broadcast live on TLC, and a new reality series will air the night before to help viewers get to know each of the 52 contestants. Sgt. Stevens will also be featured in the cover story of the December issue of Soldiers magazine.

Sgt. Stevens had just started nursing school at Southern Utah University in the fall of 2005 when the school's pageant director recruited her to run for Miss SUU.

"I was like, 'Yeah, right.' I wear combat boots; I don't do heels," she said...

Thanks to Chuck Simmons at America's North Shore Journal for getting the word out.  Chuck has a lot more at his blog, including some photos of SGT Stevens in Afghanistan.

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Fukking. Hot.

Good luck!

She is very attractive.

And, keeping in mind many, but not all, I'm sure, of the negative aspects of having women, wives and mothers off in harms way, I think it's absolutely beautiful that women are takin it to the Neanderthals known as Islam Fundamentalists, or for short, Sadistic Murderers and abusers of Women.

I respect any person doing what they want to do, after all, God's 'greatest gift to Mankind/Womenkind' is free will.

Again, It really is beautiful that the American Woman is kicking some ass in the ME.

All the best Sgt. Jill Stevens !

Now THERE'S an all-American girl for ya!

Maybe I'm just to old to understand the concept of a female COMBAT MEDIC, WTF, Over...

Can someone explain to me why a female can have a COMBAT medic designation? Is this part of Army Strong?

Hellooooooo Sergeant Nurse!

/Yakko & Wacko

Winemkr. I can dig it. Our daughter however is an "Independent Corpsman". She wants to go with the Marines into battle, and in fact can 'legally' wear every marine uniform except dress blue.

We've made peace with the idea. Free will, being happy, pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.
National Defense is her life's work now.

Cinci Bob

You Said:

She wants to go with the Marines into battle

I appreciate your daughter's willingness to go into COMBAT.

But I cannot for the life of me understand how a FEMALE in the US Armed Forces can be designated a COMBAT MEDIC.

I don't want to rain on your parade or your daughter's aspirations, but the thought of a female in a COMBAT situation disgusts me. Sorry buddy, but thats the way it is for a lot of us warriors..


I am a Marine, and after I was a Marine, I was USAF Combat Search and Rescue, or PJ. In other words a COMBAT MEDIC.

The subject of women in our career field used to come up and it was universally regurgitated as a very bad idea.

If there are women who are who have been designated as COMBAT medics who actually go on missions I'd love to hear their stories, but I highly doubt that this is reality.

As far as someone who is NOT a Marine wearing a Marine Corps uniform. I'll just forget that you said that.

Semper Fi, and Hoo Yah!


I have no problem with your feelings.

But let's take that a bit further into the abyss. We currently have a female who wants to be Commander in Chief of the Military. And we will have more in the future. We already have women in Congress effectively sending men and women into battle now.

If women can command men and women into battle, I am having a hard time excluding women from battle. I wouldn't SEND them mind you. Just as it is today, it is volunteer.

Given the political side, I don't have a problem with the reality side.

Cancel the women in government and I'll be Ok with canceling them from combat service.

Winemkr, as you know the USMC is a lean, mean fighting machine and do not have many organic support members. Navy corpsmen and Chaplains (as well as the less well known ANGLICO) attached to USMC commands routinely wear the marine uniforms with special Navy insignia. It's been that way at least since I started NROTC back in '82 and is still true today.

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