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A Surgeon's Letters Home From Iraq

Let me introduce you to Chris, a USAF Surgeon, and milblogger at "Made A Difference" on his second tour in Iraq:

...Last night I treated two enemy prisoners of war. The confusion in this war makes it hard to even choose a title for the persons that our security forces take into custody. Sometimes they are internees, sometimes insurgents, and other times they are security detainees. I don’t know what term to use for them, I only know that when they make it to our hospital, we try to help. There have been times when new intelligence surfaces and patients classified as Iraqi civilians have been taken into custody. Other times, patients classified as enemy prisoners of war are determined to be harmless and custody is lifted. Detainees get the same treatment that our US troops receive. They are under constant guard by security forces, military police, or the Ugandan sentry contractors who protect our hospital. They are always blindfolded. At times they are secured to their gurneys with restraints. But they receive the same antibiotics, the same dressings and undergo the same operations as all other patients. Some staff may remark “this one’s a bad guy” or “he got what he deserved” but these same staff sweat blood and give 110% effort to keep these prisoners alive. If a detainee is hemorrhaging and needs blood, there is no shortage of troops who roll up their sleeves and give of themselves unhesitatingly...

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