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What To Do When Attacked By Pirates

Since the times of Stephen Decatur, John O'Bannon, and Thomas Jefferson, pirates have come up against the United States Navy.... and been found wanting. (Sort of like the jihadists of their day). Today I came on a story too good to pass up.

Read it and laugh.

                        NAIROBI, Kenya - A U.S. Navy destroyer off the coast of Somalia helped sailors who retook control of their vessel Tuesday in a deadly battle with pirates who hijacked the North Korean-flagged ship, the American military said.

A helicopter flew from the USS James E. Williams to investigate a phoned-in tip of a hijacked vessel, and demanded by bridge-to-bridge radio that the pirates give [up] their weapons, the military said in a statement. The sailors then overwhelmed the hijackers, leaving two pirates dead, according to preliminary reports, and five captured, the military said.

Three seriously injured crew members were brought onboard the Williams, it said.

And there's more from the previous days events.

If you can't stand the heat, better stay out of the kitchen. Even if you feel lucky, it probably isn't wise to poke the Navy with a sharp stick. We've done pirates. Even better is that it was a North Korean vessel which was saved by the USS James E. Williams. Stats here (Of course the ones that count are Pirates 0, Williams 1) Imagine how old Kim Jong Il will handle that one. Can't wait to see what Jihad Gene does with that.

Subsunk out. (Laughing maniacally all the way)