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Command Sergeant Major James Pippin... Someone You Should Know...

Some of you may remember me for my post about being tired of some of the problems we encounter in the GWOT and particularly how I felt about things like uniform corrections, salute zones, street lights etc.

Then a story from Michael Yon appears featuring Command Sergeant Major James Pippin Command Sergeant Major James Pippin, who is now my personal hero.  He is out on patrol, taking care of soldiers, and actually fighting on the mean streets of Iraq.  Because he is now one of my personal heroes, I forgive him for being Cav...

Read the whole story.  It truly is inspiring.

The Sergeant Major for our unit was not very awe inspiring.  He did things like send out four separate memorandums about uniform wear and appearance.  He visited us down range a grand total of once (for about 2 hours ish; I never saw him, I was on the range training and mentoring my Afghan soldiers).  His best idea was when we were at Camp Shelby, he decided to have the entire task force (minus the ADVON) do a road-march so that we could all be together before the flights starting taking us overseas.

I got an idea there Sergeant Major; how about a barbecue?  Even better, how about leaving the soldiers to their leaders so that they could continue packing and getting ready to go overseas; some of them for the first time.

Enough of that though.  Make sure to read Sergeant Major Pippin's open letter.