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US Defends Itself Against Iranian-Supported Insurgents But not the media

Steve Shippert at NRO's The Tank discusses the latest take down of Iranian backed insurgents and the media's reaction to the story:

When US forces came under attack from armed men in the streets of a town near Baquba, al-Qaeda's former Iraq headquarters, they called in airstrikes. The U.S. forces were there following up on yet more intelligence on yet another Quds Force facilitator in the area. That they came under attack can hardly be surprising. Some of the reporting of this operation is sadly not surprising, either...

Quite frankly, I wish I could say I am surprised.  I'm not.  Be sure to check out the use of sources in the reports of US troops killing civilians.  Steve points out that media outlets know better, but continue to publish BS from anonymous sources (and then never retract the stories when they're proven wrong).

There's a lot more to this story over at The Tank