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Nail Meet Coffin - Is The New Republic Finished?

There's a lot that a few of us know.  But no one other that Scott Thomas Beauchamp probably knows more than Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee and Mike Goldfarb at the Weekly Standard.  Drudge got the scoop (not sure if the docs were obtained legally).

To me, it's obvious that STB was trying to avoid getting sued for fraud.  And pretty damn obvious that Franklin Foer was trying to get STB to stick to his stories (the wife quote is just a hair this side of extortion)...

There's more that I can't discuss.  Hopefully, Bob/ConfedYankee and Mike Goldfarb/Weekly Standard will continue to pursue this story.

When this thing was boiling last summer I wrote that I hoped STB would get back to soldiering and focusing on winning the war. At this time, I believe that he is (and his Commander believes it, too).  Laughing Wolf met him and his sergeants just a few weeks ago.  I've heard witness accounts of STB volunteering to be in the breech.

STB will always be a massive failure in my eyes for putting his literary aspirations ahead of his brothers.  But I also believe in redemption for those seeking it.

And, simply, that is why TNR must end - because of (1) their use of STB and horrible fact-checking (2) their abuse of their power in the attempt to slander soldiers and (3) their refusal to come clean about the whole issue.

Many of us, especially Jimbo here at Blackfive, were attacked as a digital lynch mob.  I don't expect apologies and I standby what I wrote:

...Finally, emails, Comments and blog posts abounded questioning our support of the troops by going after Beauchamp.  Personally, if any blogger wants to take up a challenge on who supports the troops more (military bloggers versus any other blogger or group of bloggers) - financially, with equipment, sending letters and packages and armor, about health issues, PTSD, TBI, you name your battlefield - I'd like to take that bet.  In fact, I'd like to lose that bet because that would mean that you are spending an awful lot of resources supporting the troops.  Donate to Soldiers Angels and prove me wrong.

But I won't hold my breath on that.  At least you all are beginning to be honest about your views.

You other left-wing lot, hating us, ridiculing us, whatever - go ahead, I don't want your respect.  Give it to John Kerry and Jane Fonda.  They deserve it.

And that's as nice as I can be on a PG13 blog.

Now, let Private (E-1 now?) Scott Thomas Beauchamp get back to the war.

Updates: Allah at HotAir has a great run down of the transcripts.

K-Lo at NRO has more information and is talking with TNR.  Maybe TNR isn't finished.  It should be.

Stay tuned to the Weekly Standard, Confederate Yankee, Hot Air, and NRO for more.

Updates 2:  Getting some email that the docs are forgeries.  I doubt it.  I read them.