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The MOST Disgusting Act Possible

This was the most disgusting act I have read about in a LONG time...

The family of a fallen Marine is dealing with another shock -- their son's new grave was vandalized.

This, folks, reaches a new low.  I do mean LOW.

The family of a fallen Marine is dealing with another shock -- their son's new grave was vandalized.Lance Cpl. Jeremy Burris, 22, of Liberty, died in Iraq and was buried at Cook Memorial Cemetery earlier this week.The cemetery has a locked gate at the front and a fence around the perimeter, but vandals managed to get in sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, less than two days after the Liberty marine was buried, officials said.

Bill Offutt, a Vietnam veteran, was one of the people who helped clean up the mess before anyone could see it."It was trashed," said Offutt, "The wreaths that had been around the grave -- they ripped them apart and stuff was strewn everywhere."Burris was laid to rest on Tuesday. Huge crowds lined the streets to bid him a final farewell.  The community is now in shock.Tom Smathers, a Liberty resident said, "It's terrible. You can't believe someone would do something like that.""They're doing their best to keep us safe. It's horrible," said resident William Dozer.Liberty police said they have no leads and no idea who would do this or why, but even the chief is outraged."This is a despicable act. In 30 years of policing, it's probably the lowest event I have witnessed," said Chief Mike Cummings.He stressed that vandalizing a grave is a crime, and asked for the public's help in figuring out the culprits.

Anyone with information is asked to call Liberty Police at 936-366-5666.  Video of this is HERE.

Words fail me on what I'd like to do if they are caught.  If juvies, they need some serious respect lessons.