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The left shifts fire to Blackwater

Update: Brit Hume highlights something precious about jackasses like Waxman talking smack, Blackwater also protects Congress when they come to visit and none of them have had a scratch. Blackwater has lost 32 of it's own. Respect where due Congress!

The left and the Democrats have shifted fire, from the troops and their traitorous leadership to the trigger-happy cowboys of Blackwater. If you simply caught the tone of the breathless headlines you would assume they have been leaving a trail of bodies everywhere they go. And yet the very report that has gobsmacked so many says they have been in an average of 1.4 escalations of force per week that involved gunfire, and 80% were initiated by Blackwater. Since this number would include warning shots fired, this means that of more than 16,000 missions run by Blackwater they have had only 195 incidents of shooting and they have had a grand total of ZERO of their protectees killed. Let's say that again, ZERO of the most important targets in Iraq were killed while under Blackwater protection.

If anything this report ought to be part of a program to thank Blackwater for doing an amazing job keeping our diplomats available to sip tea and conduct formalized lying in formal wear. Instead it is the latest lash the left is using to try and whip up some anti-war fever and lose this darn thing. They are attacking war funding and if they can't defund Pvt Snuffy Smith, they can certainly shut down come evil contractors who do nothing but sow discord and slaughter innocents.

You gotta give 'em credit for adapting. After the Betrayus ad blew up in their face they found a much more usual suspect and now they nip the those heels. They get kind of a double dip in a military contractor, which is automatically evil, but one that has the evil multiplier that they carry guns, so that doubles down on the heinous egregiousness of it all. I mean Blackwater specializes in driving pell mell through the streets cutting dogs in half for god's sake. Oh wait.

There definitely needs to be some formal oversight and accountability for contractors in Iraq and that is a problem. But the current attempt to smear Blackwater is simply the usual suspects moving to softer targets than our troops.