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The Chill Out Fatwa catches fire

I like the way the comments are running in my first post on this new phenomenon so I have upped the ante. I am inviting some of the Muslims I just met, my buddy Ebo who is a card-carrying member of the chosen tribe, we'll need to scare up a Christian but that's not a challenge, and then little old me. But since I don't have a religion I am forced to create a non-religion so I can be a (non) religious leader and sign the fatwa. I thereby announce the formation of The Sacred Order of Infidels. Explanation in the vid but suggestions for the Chill Out Fatwa and TSOI are solicited and will be considered with serious gravity.


Such as these from the earlier comments

Troll Smasher
here are some non-negotiable points.
1. We have to keep our beer.
2. No women in Burkhas
3. I will not wear a dress.
4. I look bad in a beard.
5. No Dhimma tax
6. I refuse to wear the funny hats.
7. I dont care if Mohammed didnt have it in his time if we got something cool invented we get to use it.
Good luck with this Jimbo.

And Mike from MI
(9)  Denounce Hamas
(10)  Denounce Hezb'Allah
(11)  Denounce the Muslim Brotherhood
(12) Denounce the efforts of "Palestine" to indoctrinate their children with Children's TV shows which teach them to aspire to be martyrs and kill jews and all other infidels. And that Jews are the equivalent of rodents and pigs.
(13) No more buying influence to teach their fundamental Islam in our grammar and high schools. Christians (or any other religious group) aren't allowed to do it, so neither should they. Period.

& these folks

More humor, less fear. That's a strategy that I can support. Good post, Jimbo.

the new #1. Hot Wimmens are to be admired, not beaten or shot.

Put the Bacon thing in there twice. In fact, bacon should be a part of Ramadan feasting.

Don't hold the line at bacon.  I need ham, sausage AND bacon! 

And don't even THINK of taking away my car keys.  You'll have to pry my jeep steering column out of my cold dead hands. 

And that head scarf thing?... no way. I wear a hat if it's cold. Not because looking at my bad hair day will make a man have evil thoughts.

I might go for a burka for my teenage daughters....  That's a good idea...

Posted by: DeltaBravo

Now I always add the funny to stuff like this on "Spoonful of Sugar" grounds so a little ha is appropriate as well as the stickier bits. Once the document is drafted I will carry it to Mecca where I will stand atop the Kaaba and read the words to all during Hajj week. That will be sweet.