What To Do When Attacked By Pirates
My increasing support of waterboarding

State St. Indian Summer linkage

Man oh man, what a beautiful day here in the Mad City 68 degrees and the bluest skies. I headed to my local cafe with wi fi and voila. I'm at work. Yes the girl behind me is smokin' hot, model pretty, her friend too. Bliss.

Here is an email I got yesterday.

Listened to you this morning on Allman and Crane.  Love your site.  Check out www.myspace.com/marchalli when you have a second.  A song I wrote about our fallen troops overseas.  Enjoy.


His email indicates he works for the local NFL team in St. Louis, but I won't name them as I think they are having a bye year. Heh. Great song though.

Rocky sends a link to this cool way to, well Say Thanks to the troops.

Otto has a look at our efforts to buy the gear that stops us from getting blown up, kinda important eh?

And Herschel Smith continues his good work at Captain's Journal examining whether we can legally ventilate the Cole bombing terrorist the Yemenis just released. I vote we add him to the dead tango tally so  I can do the DT dance. Eugene Volokh is considering a similar dilemma regarding the targeting of military leaders during wartime.