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Someone that everyone, even the NYT should know....


Well, the "Old Grey Lady" is f'ing senile at this point.

Since Friday morning, there have been 1,378 reports about Al Gore, including fourteen by the New York Times (h/t Newsbusters)

and exactly ZZZZEEEERRRRROOOO!!!!!!!! reports, cartoons, e-mails, editorials, fingerpaintings, interpretive dances, murals, or even one kind word in regard to the Medal Of Honor being awarded to Lt. Mike Murphy, a native of Long Island New York.  A man that will be regarded as a hero, regardless of what the loons in this country think, for all time.

No, No; wait....  This is the good part.

In fact, according to LexisNexis, outside of New York's local papers such as Newsday (pictured above), the Daily News, and the New York Post, no major daily bothered reporting Lt. Murphy receiving the Medal of Honor.

And, other than Fox News, which did six reports about Murphy, not one television news organization mentioned it. Not one. (h/t Newsbusters)

Must have slipped their minds.  Good on Ya! to FOX News and the papers that did cover it.  Thank you for honoring a brave Navy Frogman for his heroic actions on the field of battle, for which he gave all.

According to the NY Times website, Clark Hoyt is the Public Editor and the reader's representative for the paper.  Not that it might do much good, but I would be tickled pink if many of the readers and posters here, and especially those in the Empire state, would make their voices heard.  Perchance we may get an apology (not holding my breath). 

He can be found at: [email protected]  or (212) 556-7652

Not that this needs mentioning really, but this is yet one more nail in the coffin of Pinch Sulzberger's quickly dying legacy and another black eye on a rag that many Americans line bird cages with.  Please Pinch, continue your march toward bankruptcy and irrelevance by ignoring real stories about real Americans, and especially anything good related to the War against Islamofascism.

I hope to see them in Chapter 11 in my lifetime.....

Update:  [Blackfive busts in with these previous links about the SEALS and Lt. Murphy]