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A little background:

My Wife calls herself a conservative, but last night I pointed out she is a bit more "purple state" then "red State" like me.  I think it is true, as I am much more involved in the "right" side of politics and foreign policy issues, along with military issues than she is.  This is OK, opposites attract you know.

She watches the CBS show "The Unit."  I watched a couple seasons of it on DVD while I was overseas, because in the down-time I had, it filled the gaps; but because I am actually in the military and know how these things really work, I can't really watch it and actually be entertained.

The crux of their big season premiere (a 2 part-er no less) was that the members of this unit were being framed for the deaths of numerous High Value Targets that they had captured on the battlefield in places like Mogadishu, Kabul, and Iraq.  They are on the run and out to prove their innocence and show who is really responsible.  They find out that the evildoers who are trying to frame them are part of the evil CIA/NSA/Independent Contractor/Halliburton Complex that is conspiring to "do in" and in some cases, "doing in" all these bad guys without their due process rights when they were detained.  This plays out in an exchange between the character Jonas (played by Dennis Haysbert) and the CIA Bad Guy, who they track down while he is taking a break from torturing one the unit's members so he will implicate all the other unit members.

It went something like this:

CIA Bad Guy:  "What would you want us to do?  When the lefties win the White House next year and they have the power, all the detention centers will be shut down.  You have already seen what they have done to our secret facilities in Bulgaria and Romania.  After they let them out they are going to be walking the streets of Chicago and New York City.  Is that something you want?

Jonas:  "What about the Constitution?"

Now, this is paraphrased some, but this was essentially the exchange, to include the some of the exact dialog from the CIA Bad Guy that I remember, but the Liberal Bias, at least to me, just jumped off the screen.  Sounds to me like the writers who do the show were having one of their characters, who is playing the part of a Special Forces Sergeant Major assigned to a Special Mission Unit, advocate for detainees in the GWOT to have constitutional rights, you know, kind of like you and I have.

Maybe I am being oversensitive to the politics of it all, and I know that 99.9 percent of HollyWeird is firmly in the far left, National Socialist, Communist, Health care for everyone, let's make everyone equal (except them) camp, but just once, I would like them to leave the bias out. 

I know HollyWeird thinks that if we just talk with the Islamofascists and come to an agreement about how beautiful the world would be with hugs and flowers that, should the 12 Imam come with the next Caliphate and wipe all us Redneck hicks from "flyover country" from the Earth; that they will be safe in HollyWeird and they will get to continue to make films about gay cowboys, President Bush being assassinated, global warming, etc.

They forget who will get put up against a wall or taken to a soccer stadium first.... 

I guess I am going to have to just start hobbling out to my big screen room when she puts her shows on.