We Have Lost The War On Fire
Anarcho-Terrorist animals attack protestors in Copenhagen

Mad City Moments

Since there is usually something weird going on, I will take a pic of the oddest things I see on my daily constitutional from lake to lake across the Isthmus. Today we get a shot of a sign I saw just as I was hitting the UW campus. It is the kind that divides you into two camps.

The question is what reaction do you have when you see this sign, "Woo Hoo!" or "Uh Oh!"? Answers in the comments, bitte.

I think everyone can guess mine. As I wandered on there were a bunch of tables with sex toys, and rape crisis counseling, and rainbows and garden gnomes. I didn't take more shots and you can thank me. I think it was an "Homage to all forms of the old in out, in out"

Next we have yesterday's shot of a bicyclist with a 4 foot giraffe head on, just for grins.Giraffebike