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LTC Allen West Returns Home

For background, if you haven't been a B5er for very long, you should read these:

A lot of you helped LTC West because of Blackfive.  I thank you for that.

Al West is returning home to Ft. Lauderdale after two and half years in Afghanistan:

...we want you to know that Allen will be home Nov. 2--a week from Friday!  His plane is scheduled to land in Ft. Lauderdale around noon. 

Since it's the middle of a work day, and since arrival times tend to be variable, we thought it would be more practical not to try to do an airport welcome.  And anyway, he hasn't seen his family in six months, so they are the priority!

Our welcome home for Allen will be on Sunday, November 11 in Boynton Beach.  He will be one of the guest speakers at the City's Veterans Day ceremony at 2 pm in Intracoastal Park, 2240 N. Federal Highway, near Gateway Blvd.  This is a nonpartisan event to honor our nation's heroes.  The main speaker will be Boynton's Mayor Jerry Taylor, who is himself a veteran. Immediately following, refreshments will be served at the VFW across the street, where we will welcome Allen home.  This is also a nonpartisan, nonpolitical event.  We invite everyone to come and honor our military in true Americana style.  Please join us to welcome home one of our very own heroes after 2 1/2 years in Afghanistan.  This is a great chance to meet, say hello and have a good time.

However, the big news is that HE IS RUNNING FOR CONGRESS