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Knight Ridder, Night Rider you got some ID Chump?

Update: LGF saved the post before the silly man tried to erase his digital tracks, and Ace is laying fire as well.

I am going to strike out a new path and do some bashing of a dino media maroon. I know, the last limb of the last tree, but let's go anyhow. Winner of the Golden Bung award, Sacramento Bee reporter Bobby Caina Calvan. h/t Cancel the Bee. Intrepid wanker has identification problems.

The Americans, however, are the absolute worst. I had a testy exchange Tuesday with an American soldier at an entry checkpoint into the Green Zone.....

He asked if I had a driver’s license on me. I told him I didn’t have one. He looked incredulous. Why would I need a driver’s license in Baghdad; I wouldn’t be driving, I told him.

He took offense at my response.....

Ya' think fuzznuts? He didn't ask you if you were gonna be driving, he asked if you could prove you are who you claimed, not some jagoff with 20 kilos of plastique strapped to his ass. These distinctions are important, hence vigilance must be maintained at all levels.

Then he looked at the second ID of my companion. It was a badge issued by our newspaper. He said it wouldn’t do. Besides, he asked, what is Knight Ridder?.....

I explained that it’s one of the largest newspaper companies in the United States. It owns the Miami Herald, The Sacramento Bee, the Kansas City Star.

“I know the Miami Herald, he said. I used to live there. But I never heard of Knight Ridder.” He began to chuckle, pronouncing the company as Knight Rider. Perhaps his chuckles stemmed from memories of the 1980s television show “Night Rider.” He then seemed to mock us.....

Trust me he didn't seem to, he mocked you propah and that's why you got testy. I mean who is this low-rent, knuckle dragger to sass his superiors. Doesn't he know that I spent four years drinking kamikazes at some left-wing butthead infested college?

With nothing to lose I decided to get pushy.

I asked him how he could not possibly know that Knight Ridder was one of the country’s largest newspaper chains. I told him that we’re bigger than the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times.

I know 'cuz it's my job, nobody else gives half a shite about your collection of dead tree repositories for lies and lameness and the musings of losers like you.

Read the whole thing so you can get a feel for just how monumental an assclown this ignorant, disrespectful chump is.

He has half as many pieces of ID as necessary, but this is somehow the fault of this ignorant yahoo "stuk in Irak". The condescension is nauseating, especially when he decides to be "pushy". Anybody wanna bet what the outcome would be if pushy had passed shovey and become ass-kicky?

The arrogance of newsboy would have rapidly shifted to fear and then panic if the soldier had not been a professional. Unlike the jackal, the soldier has standards and is duty bound to absorb the noxious ventings of his lessers. He will stay his hand and accept that the punk he tolerates has no clue even why it might matter that the soldier IDs him. He is a sheep pissing on the leg of the sheep dog and telling him it's raining.

I wonder who will win the race to a public opinion rating of Absolute Zero, Congress or the Press? The tone deafness it takes to form the thoughts he then thought worthy of sharing with the world is stunning....and yet there he be. Dumb as a box of f**king rocks.