Hank Reinhart, RIP
For the B5 Old-timers...

Just Wrong

The next time someone tells you the American "regime" is immoral or dishonest and needs to be overthrown, ask them why this regime shouldn't go first.

Here's a story of what life is like to grow up in a prison camp from birth. How complete isolation from the real world can make the human mind believe anything, including that it is natural for children to pay for a parent's "sins".

The first two days of torture started with threatening questions about his family's conspiracy. Shin Dong-Hyuk had no answers because at age 14, he was required to live in the dormitory with other teenagers in North Korea's notorious political prison camp No.14, north of Pyongyang. He had not seen his parents and brother for weeks.

The next morning, Shin was hung upside down with his ankles cuffed, all day long. He wondered why his mother and brother tried to escape, if what the authorities claimed was true. Surely, they should have known that anything short of being out of place in this camp is punished by death.

On the fourth day Shin was dragged into cell No.7, the secret underground torture chamber. Completely stripped, legs cuffed, hands tied with rope, his legs and hands were hung from the ceiling. The torturers lit up a charcoal fire under his back. He struggled. But they pierced a steel hook near Shin's groin to keep him from writhing. Amid the sounds and smells of flesh burning, Shin then blacked out.

What is even worse is the lefty comments to the ABC story which bemoan the US government's failure to trade with this regime, and to opine how truly sad it is that people have to live this way, but that it really isn't any of our business. We are too busy in Mesopotamia to really care about helping end oppression like this.

If that is what passes for lefty Justice, I want to live in Guantanamo. Waterboard the hell out of me, please. I want to gain 10 pounds and play soccer and read anything I want to read and eat anything I order off the halal menu, and even the non halal menu, man. I could have sliders every day if I wanted to (for you non-squids, that's hamburgers, big, greasy, vein clogging ones, too.) Listen in on all of my dirty phone calls to my wife and the 900 lines and examine all my IRS and library records for evidence of disloyalty.

What, you say, the government can already do that? Imagine that! They can do all those things, and yet I'm still walking around free, breathing the Texas air, working where I want, eating what I want (and my ass is spreading too), SAYING what I want, and I have yet to have a single "black clothed jackbooted government thug bent on my torture and destruction" so much as leave me threatening junk mail in my mailbox.

If you believe America is what is wrong with the world, if you think America tortures folks for no reason, if you've ever read 1984 by George Orwell and think that is what is happening in America today,......

YOU'RE AN IDIOT. Now get out there and demand that someone on the left do something about ending this torture. When they really get serious about wanting it to stop, call the US military. There's plenty of Battle Group assets available to chastise Norks right now without even forcing the Men in Iraq to blink or go without a meal.

But don't hold your breath because lefties couldn't ever call for such action. It is against their genetic code. They'd rather the real torture continue than get their hands dirty.

Subsunk out.