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Extreme Smackdown, Afghanistan Style....

Islamo-Fascism Week kicks off in Madison with Horowitz

43tt Please tase somebody Bro! That's my fondest wish, but I am constantly disappointed by the response of our law enforcement here in the Mad City. They are the lamest jack-booted thugs anywhere.

We get the honor of David Horowitz speaking tonight at the UW and I will be there with hopes that his message will be embraced, the hall will be filled with sweetness and light and flow with the milk of human kindness. What will likely happen is that the usual suspects will be ratcheted up to 11 by the presence of the despised Horowitz. We should have hordes of outraged, Che-wearing, Palestinian terror supporting, mal-informed little wankers. Woo Hoo! I can only hope that one emulates that clown down in Florida and decides to take one for the team.

I am not advocating violence, being a pacifist it is anthema to me, but if I have to choose between another weak chantfest and a decent mini-riot.....well. So I will bring video cam and my PJ Media steenking Press badge and I will document any entertainment.

MM has a good piece on the events across the country. One twist that I particularly enjoy is that they are focusing protests against the Feminist Studies departments to highlight the egregious treatment of women by Islam. Heh.

So wish me luck and maybe my buddy Miles will make a grand futile gesture like when the Nazis came to town. (Language alert)