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In Which You Learn that Camp Victory is a Big Base

Greyhawk, writing from elsewhere on Camp Victory, hears that there was some sort of attack recently...

For additional perspective - I was on Victory Base Complex when this attack occurred and didn't know about it until I read it in the news today.

That's because he doesn't read his email.  We noticed it where I was.  I had to go out and look for my roommate, who had just gone off jogging before the IDF started falling.  He was OK, though.

I have some thoughts on the attack, but I won't post them in order to prevent giving the enemy information about their targeting or insight into defensive measures.  If there are any of you reading this who were also on site, I'd like to compare notes with you -- in person, here at Victory.  Please don't put your thoughts in the comments, but do email me and let me know you'd like to get together for some of our fine DFAC coffee.