Something not covered in the job description...

In Praise of the Lady Greyhawk

...whose brownies are really very good.

I had dinner with Greyhawk, International Man of Mystery last night.  We ate at the 1st Cav DFAC over on Liberty (where they make civilians enter through the side door).  Hawk, BlackFive and I served together in Easy Company, as you all know, so it's good to reconnect with old friends.

For dessert, he let me share the brownies his dear wife had sent him all the way over the ocean.  We had that with some of the DFAC ice cream.  Best meal I've had in a little while, which we followed up with cigars sent by Some Soldier's Mom.  I understand Bill Roggio got one of them, too, when he was over here.

Francis Marion and I met up about a week ago.  I hear there are a few more of you out here too.  If you're part of the rolling MilBlogs Conference, Baghdad (MBC-B), let me know.  We may have to put something together some evening.  Not like there's a lot else to do here during the two hours a day you're not working or sleeping. :)