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In Defense of Honor...

Time to call out the Cav- and take on the TNR where it hurts- in the pocketbook!

CONFEDERATE YANKEE is putting a call out on a boycott demand to retract the ads of those that advertise in the print and online editions of the New Republic.  If they don't want to honor journalistic integrity, and owe up to the horrid stories they perpetuated from Scott Beauchamp, then we want to draw attention to their dishonor by ensuring their ADVERTISERS know how little integrity there is at TNR.  C-Y details it all.

Advertising with The New Republic represents a tacit support of their on-going support of an obvious lie, a continuing, unapologetic assault on the reputation of an American Army unit presently deployed in combat.

Advertising in The New Republic sends a message that advertisers do not care about journalistic ethics, or what most would consider editorial fraud.

I would ask advertisers to pull all of their advertising from the print edition of The New Republic and until the senior editors responsible for this debacle are terminated.

What the WSJ is doing advertising in such a rag, I'll personally never understand. 

We here at Blackfive endorse this call from C-Y.  We hope you will too.


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