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"If I had to Come Again, I Surely Would"

A letter from one of our Coalition partners, of El Salvador:

The reason I volunteered is simple: there is a country in need. These people are going through a terrible burden. As you probably know, my country suffered for 12 years, going through that terrible cycle in our history. My country needed a helping hand, and your country, the United States, gave us that helping hand.

I think that if we can give just a small token of that solidarity back to that friend, it is so very worth it. So I know the feeling and if I can heal some of that, then count me in. If I had to come again, I surely would.

It's worth noting how this blends with our embed's thinking on investing in relations with other countries.  Consider the Salvadoran's comments both on what America once did for his people, and his comments -- earlier in the piece -- on how and where he was trained.  The 12-year "quagmire" in El Salvador is paying us today, in the form of a noble and spirited ally who shares our hopes for Iraq.