Prepared and Loyal
A retort to MG Batiste from one of his troops

How dim is Nancy Pelosi?

Stunningly is the proper answer.

I realize that after kowtowing to the chinless wonder in Damascus her foolishness was well established, but now she is hell bent on slapping the faces of the only Muslim ally we have in the Middle East. I will grant that the killings of many Armenians was particularly heinous and worthy of all kinds of condemnation, but calling it genocide in the US Congress is a foolish attempt to make Nancy and some others feel good. She claims we must do this now before the last survivors die, but the damage done to our operations in the entire region will be huge. The loss of Turkey as a transport hub alone would force us to use more dangerous paths to get 70% of our supplies to Iraq, and that would certainly cause more US deaths.

I'm sorry for the Armenians who lost loved ones, but that was darn near 100 years ago and I'm not willing to trade dead US soldiers now for the fleeting vindication the survivors may feel. The fact that the leader of the Dems in the House has this little regard for our forces and their safety as well as our victory is sad but clearly a chosen path. They have been trying to get this war lost for a couple of years now, so the sabotaging of relations with the country most capable of making things miserable for us is par for the course.

Aside from the loss of vital bases in Turkey, take this a fairly simple step further. They just elected an Islamist-leaning government and although they have been an ally and trading partner it has always been a balancing act for a largely Muslim country. What happens if the Imams in the mosques there take up the Hate America theme and our only friend in the region, other than the Zionists, flips to the other side? What if they invade Iraqi Kurdistan to hit the bases of the Kurdish seperatists? By our rules they have every right to do this since they are being attacked fairly regularly by these folks.

Pelosi and anyone who supports this counter-productive piece of foolishness would be actively undermining not just our relations with a vital ally, but our efforts in both Iraq and Afghanistan and the region as a whole. I wish I trusted them to do the right thing.