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Game, set, match to Mr. Limbaugh


WOW! I have nothing but the highest praise for the brilliant judo Rush Limbaugh put on the crap weasels (like me) who called him out on the phony "phony soldiers" smear. The failures of those who signed this are much greater as they had to know they were making false claims. I recanted in less than an hour, but after it was patently obvious Rush was not slurring anyone who had not already covered themself in dung, the thin-lipped, milquetoast, cream in the coffee, cadaver and 40 fellow travelers still sent a pitiful message to Clear Channel.

Rush did a perfect job of exposing the shameful political ploy for the shameful political ploy it was. Now that it has generated a ridiculous amount of money for an undeniably good cause, he deserves more credit than I can give. But kudos, congrats and bravo Rush.

The sweetest bit may be this clip of the cadaver on the Senate floor praising Rush for making a gargantuan fool out of him worldwide. He damn near chokes on every word.