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Fire the DSS and Keep Blackwater...

Do you think Blackwater Operatives would let this happen??


As Rice entered the hearing room, one woman rushed toward her and waved her hands — painted blood red — in front of the secretary's face. The protester shouted that Rice was a "war criminal" and should be taken to The Hague, home of an international war crimes tribunal.

When I saw this picture, my first immediate reaction was that the next thing that should be going through Ms. Code Stink's mind should be a 5.56 slug. 

I have worked several high profile, and some very high profile Protective Details (some with DSS) and this case is one of the strongest I have seen for pulling a six pack of Whoop-Ass out of the fridge, taking one, and passing it around to the group.  My immediate action drill for someone charging at me, shouting and waving what looks like bloody hands at me is to draw my weapon, get a good immediate sight picture, and snap off as many rounds as necessary to stop that threat.

The beatdown that should have taken place when this woman did this should have been vicious enough that everyone in the room would have gapsed.  She isn't just Condi Rice, aspiring NFL Commissioner and member of the NSC, she is the f'ing Secretary of State.  You just don't run up on her like you are back on the block and start waving your hands in her face.

The Diplomatic Security Service should be ashamed of themselves.  Whoever runs her detail needs to stop assuming that hearings on Capitol Hill are "safe havens" and they need to escort her all the way to her seat and to also have some guys in the crowd ready to stomp a mudhole in someone's ass and then Riverdance it dry.  I am disappointed that someone like this was able to get this close to Secretary Rice without being repeatedly pimp-slapped into unconsciousness.  I think Blackwater has some guys they can spare who are trained in the lost art of pimp-slapping and properly protecting dignitaries.  Can't we get those guys to do a "train the trainer" class for the DSS? 

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  This is what happens when you can't form a cogent, coherent argument as to why you believe something because of the wafting potsmoke and the hemp underwear (ouch!).  Keep on screamin' and wavin' stupid.  See what happens next. 

And after we finish off this useful idiot, and any of her friends dumb enough to do the same thing, we should take Committee Chairman Tom Lantos (D- California) out to the woodshed and paddle him within an inch of his life.  I have no doubt that he invited these morons to come in and create this disturbance.  I am certain this was some perfidious activity designed to help him grand-stand with the loony far left.  What a tool.

It is scenes like this as to why Code Pink will be one of the first targets when the soccer-moms revolt, right after the ACLU.