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Fallujah, Iraq - Marines say "Peace Is Breaking Out All Over the Place"

Via Seamus and Colonel Willy Buhl (who you long-time regulars should remember) comes this status on Fallujah, Iraq - Camp Fallujah):

For All,
Continued good news related to Fallujah. Notes from [redacted] our Bn S-2 in OIF II, who is now completing a recent deployment in the same place the same place as CO G 2/6, and [name redacted] our former Lima CO in OIF I and Bn OpsO is now redeploying to Iraq as the 1st Marines Future OpsO. Recommend a look at this news article in the Chicago Tribune:

http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-fallujah_bdoct14,1,343127 6.story?coll=chi_home_top

Repeat deployments to the same AO, while difficult in terms of operational tempo, have created sustained relationships with the local Iraqi leaders. This has been one of the great strengths of our smaller Corps and one of the keys to our success in the Al Anbar Province. There is a lot of debate ongoing about where the Marine Corps will be in 18 months (Afghanistan?) with much more to follow. Meanwhile, for those who have served through the tough times in Fallujah, Karma and elsewhere, and especially for those we lost or were injured, this is welcome news as we try to make the world a better, safer place.
Semper Fi,
Col Buhl

Sir, E-mailing from wonder Camp Fallujah.  All is well out here.  Peace is breaking out all over the place and nobody knows what to do. I spent the day with the RCT-6 CO and his PSD.  We rode straight through Fallujah without incident and down to Amiriyah to check up on a Police Transition team.  The TTs are quickly becoming the main effort. I rode in a new MRAP and they are pretty awesome.  The A/C was down right cold and the turret system was top notch.  The vehicles are rather huge, but they actually seem very nimble for their size.  Not to mention they may save some lives.  The Marines liked it. Things are going well and it should be a very interesting deployment for First Marines.  You can't help but get the feeling that we'll be wrapping up the AO for the USMC.  Which is probably appropriate considering the history that First Marines and its battalions have in the AO....especially 3/1.
That's about all for now.  I will be back in CONUS in a little over a week and deploy for the year in January.  Hope all is well on your end.
Semper Fi
[name redacted]