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Eric Egland and Al West - What the American Thinker Needs in Congress

Below is not what we need in Congress...

Poster from Military Motivator contributor R.E.

The above is just a reminder about the kind of men serving in Congress today that will do anything for power - even throw Marines under the bus in order to skew the Marines legal defense process and serve their own political ends.

Today, thanks to an alert from John K., American Thinker writer Michael J. O'Shea has an excellent post about being Ambushed By Our Own...

Snipers aim for a soldier's heart; congressional leaders aim for the heart of why he serves: Honor, Country, Duty to both. But to congressional leaders, there's no honor in Iraq. There can't be: it's immoral. Illegal. And it's not even their country's war: it's Bush's.


Iraq isn't a quagmire -- it's a crucible. Masks are burned off, character stands bare, make-up is wiped off, what you're made of shows through.

A soldier's world is one of straight-shooters, in more ways than one. Asked if more troops will likely die in Iraq, David Petraeus answered, Yes. Asked if billions more will be spent, David Petraeus, answered, Yes.  Asked if Iraq was worth it, David Petraeus answered,
Sir, I wouldn't be here, and I wouldn't have made the recommendations that I have made if I did not believe that...this is about continuing to commit yourself to something that is bigger than self.
No wonder congressional leaders have lost faith; faith in themselves is the only faith they've ever had. Soldiers have faith in something, and someone, bigger.

Iraq is about faith: faith that our troops know what they're fighting for, faith that their commanders do everything they can to see them through and see them live; faith that Iraqis want to live free; faith that their prime minister is risking his life -- like the slaughtered sheik leading Anbar against Al Qaeda -- for his country and not for spoils; faith that all men are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights; faith that American civilian leaders do their best with the light they have for one nation under God.

There are honorable Democrats in Congress. The majority of House and Senate leaders are not among them...

Be sure to read O'Shea's whole piece.  It is excellent and there is a lot more than excerpted here.  Which brings me to...

A few days ago, I pointed out one retired soldier running for Congress  - Allen West for Congress (GO WEST!).  There are some very good people who are disgusted with the current Congress (on both sides of the aisle).

Now, you should meet one of my good friends, and one of the best guys out there - Major Eric Egland.  He's done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan hunting IED cells.  He was Powerline's combat correspondent for their blog.   He is a contributing author in the Blog of War.  Eric founded Troops Need You to help our troops fighting the Long War.

Now, he's running for Congress.  Check out Eric Egland for Congress.  He's challenging a Republican incumbent for the primary and needs your help to clean House.