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Daily Kos just hating openly on soldiers now

WOW! I just read one of the sorriest, and I mean that both in the low character and poor execution meanings, hit pieces I have ever read (h/t LGF) . Some pissant has decided that Pete Hegseth of Vets for Freedom is the anti-christ and has cobbled together a classic conspiracist take on Pete and his evil handlers. This clown even decides it's worth playing the phony soldiers card, I mean now this has progressed from a lie about what Rush said, to an accepted fake but accurate urban myth, to just a smear against a vet who has honorably served.

Remember back when the bastards at least lied about supporting the troops. We knew it was horse shite, but at least they had the decency to know they were wrong for hating the military. Now the facade has been abandoned and the hate that was there all along is out front for everyone to see. The left is working itself into a frenzy as the true believers are not being satisfied. They are not getting the defeat they voted for; they are not getting any impeachments; they are not getting a cut and run; they are having to listen to that lying traitor Betrayus; and they have had enough of having to talk nice about those baby-killing bastards.

They actually caught a clue in shifting fire to Blackwater and were scoring some points, but really what is the difference between a contractor and a PFC slaughtering Iraqis for sport in the end right? A jack-booted Nazi thug is a jack-booted Nazi thug and they are naming names now. I applaud the honesty. I mean Katie Couric has pointed out how she is uncomfortable with this whole being an American thing. It's icky to associate yourself with the kind of people that actually live in it and believe it's a good place. Ewww.

I think there is a chance that the grotesque behavior of these unhinged haters will fundamentally affect the election. Republicans have many reasons to expect a disaster with President Clinton conspiring with a solidly Dem House and a filibuster-proof 60+ Dem Senate. But the larger than deserved influence the nutroots are exercising on the Dems is repellent to many Americans when their angry, unpatriotic voices are heard. And yeah I'm getting into the patriotism thing. Mr. Marc Danziger, the Armed Liberal has opened up the topic again in his usual thoughful way and I will weigh in tomorrow.

I will say this, the country to which the nutroots would claim a patriotic allegiance has never existed and I truly hope never does.

Matty O' jumps in (heh) the comment 'splaining to numbnutz about airborne stuff.

dlawbailey - the diarist at Kos - is a freakin' idiot:

But whatever personal treasure.......he may have left behind, Hegseth was not going just anywhere. He was going to the "IRON RAKKASANS" – 3rd Battalion, One-Hundred and First Got-Dam Airborne. The only airborne unit to have served in every American war since its inception. Storied. Heroic. Odd.

No, not the Rakkasans, of course. Just a little odd that he joined them. Because I’m adding up the months....hmm....Where did the Airborne training come in? Parachutist’s badge? Certainly not Ranger school. Advanced infantry training? Because the Rakkasans are a pretty hard-core airborne group, so, you’d think that a combat lieutenant.....

Except that the 101st "got-dam" Airborne isn't Airborne you cheese eating surrender monkey.  It's chock full of legs who dangle by ropes from helicopters.  If you even know what a "leg" is...

When moronic left wing loofas try their hand at military topics, they just look like moronic left wing loofas.

I hereby nominate David Bailey for President of Douchebagistan.