Standing Watch
Game, set, match to Mr. Limbaugh

CAPT Lex Says It For Me

I read this article at Mrs. Greyhawk's morning news roundup from the Gateway Pundit and really wanted to post on it. But CAPT Lex beat me to the punch and says it so much more eloquently than I could.  I particularly agree with the bottom line of Lex's post. And the comments are fun to read too.

Pablo Paredes has seen more than his 15 minutes of fame and deserves no quotes for implying his volunteering for Naval Service was merely a requirement based on the color of his skin because he had no other choice.

I leave you to Neptunus Lex and his wonderful command of the English Language.


Ba_berkprotest18_78_2 I love it when beautiful patriots square off against nasty Commies. It is like watching Swan Lake....... or naked oil wrestling, I forget. But the pretty ladies always manage to have intelligence on their side in my favorite battles. Melanie Morgan from Move America Forward wins hands down here. She is the taller lady on the right. Code Pinker Medea Benjamin is the shrew who hates the military on the left. The hammer and sickle used for the C in Code Pink made me chuckle too.