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Can SOCOM pull the trigger, even on bin Laden?

The incident involving MSG Troy Anderson and CPT Dave Staffel facing murder charges for killing a known terrorist worried me greatly. Noone in the field considering pulling the trigger and ventilating a terrorist in what they understand to be full and complete compliance with the Rules of Engagement (ROE) should ever have to wonder if someone back in an office in the US is going to second guess him. Well plenty of these folks are doing just that right now. I have heard from several people who although they like to think they would always take a righteous shot, admit there is certainly doubt now.

In every instance of the use of deadly force the single factor that determines whether it was right or wrong is the state of mind of the shooter. If that persons fears for their life, the life of others, or reasonably believes that his actions are in accordance with the applicable Rules of Enagement, then the action is proper. This doesn't mean someone can willfully misunderstand them, but that they apply them as instructed.

UPDATE: I didn't put one before, but this is single sourced and unattributed, and for the left from FAUX News.

Today COL Hunt has a piece claiming we had bin Laden for 70% certainty (plenty high enough) with drones, air strike planes and SEAL Team Six ready to take him out, but we failed to pull the trigger. This is horrifying if true. If anyone has any more info on this please ping me. I will be asking some questions about this to military folks soon and can use any additional facts about any of these situations or related ones.