The MOST Disgusting Act Possible
Operations in Iraq

Amidst It All


Some things may well be universal

The soil of West Rashid reminds me very much of parts of southern Georgia, for it is soil and not sand. It also appears to be surprisingly fertile soil, which makes the similarity even stronger.

Compounding that was looking down a canal one day and seeing some kids out fishing, or at least playing at fishing. I was strongly reminded of some cousins and others I knew who, if they had the chance, got away and did the very same thing. As the kids noticed me and began making faces and posing, I could easily have been back in Georgia with people/kids I knew...

Events upstream took my attention away from them, so I don't know what -- if anything -- they caught; but, I do know they were there for a while. If nothing else, they caught a break on a hot day and enjoyed watching us and the goings-on upstream from them.


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