Haditha and the truth
Losing the War on Drugs again in Afghanistan

Afghans Get It Right.....

Let me be one of the first to congratulate the Afghan Government and especially President Karzai for taking the time and effort to review the cases of 15 oxygen thieves who were languishing in their prison system (which I assure you, sucks maximum ass); and then after careful review of their due process and taking a look at the facts of the case, promptly marched them outside, lined them up and put them out of Afghanistan's misery.

Well, this predictably caused some amount of caterwauling, kvetching and calls for condemnation from The United Nations (yeah, OK whatever), Amnesty International (Amnesty who?), and of course, at least one European country, the Netherlands (which elbowed it's way to the front of the line). 

The Netherlands is evidently concerned that, since they don't have death penalty in their country, that this action by Afghanistan might make NATO countries stop handing over Taliban or Al-Qaeda prisoners to the Afghans; which is what all the the NATO countries have agreed to do.

Well then, let me be the first to dis-invite the Dutch to the little ass-kicking contest we are hosting in Afghanistan.  If handing over terrorists who are killing your soldiers with IEDs and sniper fire because they might receive death as a penalty for doing that, then pack your things and head back to your tulips and your hash bars.  Oh, and feel free to take your Taliban and Al-Qaeda prisoners with you, so you can house, feed, and wait on them for the rest of their lives.

The rest of the article is here.

I am thankful that we do have someone out there in the world who has the death penalty and will actually use it.  I do hope to read shortly that they are doing the very same thing to some of the guys we were catching after firefights.  Most of the time unfortunately, the Afghan fellas in our area who ran the prison to hold these guys would keep them a day or two, and then give them their AK back and send them on their way.  The insurgents always wanted to surrender to us instead of the Afghans because the Afghans have a much more medieval view of how to treat the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

Sorry the UN, Amnesty International, the Dutch, Human Rights Activists feel bad that murderers, kidnappers and armed robbers were treated so badly.  Feel free to depart at your convenience.

No, no; it's OK.  We'll do the heavy lifting, like in 1917 and 1941 to 1945.  No, no; we got it.  Really...