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Winning in Afghanistan; Part 312,342

I was surfing around YouTube today looking for that series on the Royal Marine Commandos that Mrs. GreyHawk had the write up on and I ran into this absolute piece of tripe that was filmed in 2006 by a reporter from the BBC.  I was in Afghanistan when this was filmed.  I really could not believe what this guy was saying. 

Needless to say, the Liberal Bias was so overwhelming, I had to turn it off.  There was no sneaking it in or leading into something and then springing it on you; the reporter Alastair Leithead started off in the first 3 minutes of the piece with this gem:

The high-tech British Military machine is being drug into a war we were supposed to win 4 years ago against a rag-tag guerrilla army it seems almost impossible to beat

I am certain that we did not hold a gun to the head of Britain and make them come and fight in Afghanistan with us.  I think they saw the threat for what it was and sent their best.  The Royal Marines are some of the best war fighters in the world and I think Alastair is doing them a horrible disservice in his piece by showing them to be under siege, cornered, and unprepared for the fight they were in.  I am not going to link to his piece on YouTube, but of you want to find it do a search of "Royal Marines" and it will come up as "Fighting the Taleban, Part 1 of 4."   

Admittedly, the Taliban did fight hard in the Southern Provinces, because it is the traditional center of gravity for the Taliban and they know that if they lose down south, they lose their money source (drugs) and they lose their base of operations.  Now, I know some of the Americans who fought in the south from the 10th Mountain Division, and even though the Taliban fought hard, when all the dust settled, the Taliban all got to meet a greet their 72 she-male virgins with very little harm caused to American forces.

I spent my time fighting in the eastern section of the country, and we fought along the border to stop the incursion of insurgents from crossing the border from Pakistan and what has that netted us Mr. BBC reporter?  Well it nets us this article by Stephen Brown entitled "Winning in Afghanistan."

The Link is here:

I am not certain what Alastair was trying to accomplish, but I think his little piece is more propaganda for the Taliban to keep hanging on.  I am glad to hear more and more about how the work we are doing there is bearing fruit and how the people are getting how it is that they can be free.

They are not impossible to beat.  They are not well organized any more and they are desperate for a breather, because they are on the ropes and they have no hope of winning.

Just so you know....