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The Long War Journal

Bill Roggio's new website, The Long War Journal, is now up and operating.  It will replace The Fourth Rail as his go-to site, and will serve as PMI's main outlet.

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While we're on the subject, an update.  When we last spoke of the JSOTF-P embed, the outbreak of major military operations in Mindanao forced the Armed Forces of the Philippines to move their headquarters to Zamboanga, resulting in some delays in getting necessary approvals from the government of the Philippines.  Those problems are now resolved, and the embed will be departing shortly.

Because the delay caused a last-minute schedule shift, PMI has endured some extra expenses in bringing the embed off.  Since this is a joint BlackFive/PMI project, we'd appreciate it if those of you who can would send them a little extra to help make up the difference.  Such things are part of the cost of doing business in PMI's field -- independent war reporting is not an easy, or a cheap, thing to do. 

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