Petraeus Pwns Wexler
Attention Mr. President: Award Rick Rescorla The Medal of Freedom

The Freefly- Mohammed comes to the mountain

Gen. Petraeus and Adm. Crocker (I know he's an Ambassador just watch) testified before the lower and dumber house in our Parliament of Whores. Dam theyz dum. I saw some people incapable of completing a single coherent thought spend 5 minutes not even managing to ask a question. Oh just watch they are awful. Tomorrow we move to the senior house of Smug, I feel ill already.

    We also did a separate NFL Freefly, highly Packer focused me being part-owner of the team and all. It will be a twice weekly show and if you have an NFL jones send questions Kev knows everything, seriously he does. He knew the college and draft round of all the players on our roster that we drafted ourselves. That's twisted.

The Freefly- NFL Week 1