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Roundtables: PRT Special

We recently had four separate roundtables with Provincial Reconstruction Team leaders in different parts of Iraq.  We spoke with John Jones, PRT leader for Diyala province (transcript here).  We also spoke with Howard Keegan of Kirkuk province's PRT (transcipt here).  We spoke with Steven Buckler of Salah ad Din province (transcript here).  Finally, we spoke with Jason Hyland, PRT leader for Mosul (transcript here).

Taken together, the four transcripts may be the most in-depth look available at how our Interagency reconstruction efforts are working across Iraq.  You've seen the PRTs praised by US military commanders throughout the country.  Now you can see what the team leaders themselves have to say.

In "Uncle Reeker Wants You," we talked with a State Department official highly placed in the PRT project.  He spoke of the difficulties State sometimes has in finding qualified people for these difficult jobs.  It turns out there is a streamlined way to find opportunities on PRTs, and apply for the jobs -- it just took a while to find the people who knew what it was. :) 

The USAJOBS site posts all PRT positions.  If you type "PRT" into the search box and run the search, it will show you everything currently open.  Right now they need rule-of-law advisors, urban planners, people who understand transportation, electrical advisors, people with experience working elections, industrial advisors, people with banking and finance experience, and several other kinds of specialized experience.

If you are looking for a way to help your country out in Iraq, and the military may not be right for you, consider the PRTs.  They are highly praised by our warfighters, and an important aspect of our efforts in Iraq.

Maybe they need you.