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Ourmarinessunrise_2_3 Back in the day all the services used to hate each other, seriously. Inter-service rivalry was the norm and I was the king of hassling the pampered frat boys of the Air Force, the boat-floating chow hounds of the Navy, and I had a specialty in Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. Now this was 80s and 90s vintage and we had no shooting wars underway. There was the Cold War, which we won, and the War on Drugs which we lost but mostly we were practicing for things that didn't happen.

I was stationed in Okinawa where 3rd Mar Div lived and so we had plenty of interactions with the Naval Infantry there as well as in the Philippines and other ports of call. As much as I gave them some wicked abuse, I also saw how they took care of business. These days we all work together in a joint Kumbayah operations environment. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines heck we even love the Coasties. Well having seen the entire US military in wartime, I am humbled again to think of the quality of people who have raised their hands and marched to the sound of gunfire.

The US Marine Corps has proven again why it is the most feared fighting force on God's green earth. If Leonidas had 300 Marines it might have been a bit closer fight. One of the most stunning and beautiful things you should see is the USMC Silent Drill team. If you have not, you have cheated yourself. They are currently touring the US along with a group of Marines to share their stories about the Corps. Go see them.