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NYT admits fellow traveler rate

WASHINGTON, Sept. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In the Public Editor column of today's New York Times, the Times' vice president admits that, without the knowledge or consent of Political Action, the Times "made a mistake" in charging MoveOn its standby rate of $65,000 for the advertisement run on Monday September 10.


The Public Editor's column makes crystal clear that at no time did MoveOn have any reason to believe that it was receiving from the Times anything other than the normal and usual charge for the advertisement. And there is no evidence of any kind that the error in quoting of rates was in any way based on the content of the advertisement or the identity of its sponsor.


Nobody involved in the selling or buying of political ads is naive enough to have oopsed this. There is real money on commissions and bonuses in play and there is no way the $80-100k discount would have been left on the table. Somebody else had a client who would have paid more or split the page up and you have tons more revenue. Nope this was not a mistake, that is simply the easiest cover for the NY Times. Oh we're sorry, in the midst of a huge drought in print ad revenues, we threw away money to serve our liberal agenda.

True 'dat.

Roger L. Simon apologized to me in public for something said in private and that is to his credit although not necessary. I simply used Occam's Razor to see that greed had not been satisfied and that is the reddest of flags. You can never assume that good triumphs over greed until you have proof.

My original post about filing an FEC complaint regarding this contribution in kind