Captain Travis Patriquin - "An American Martyr"
John McCain

Not just NO but HELL NO

I'm wandering into some new territory here on this posting-  one that I've been contemplating for some time.  One that NEEDS to be posted, but I had to bring my BP down a notch or five, but now I want to ratchet it back up for a full-on beat-down and explanation of why this a** does NOT deserve what he's been nominated for.  And why its a slap in the face of every soldier who's served in Iraq to even consider it.

Kimmitt First let me get the 'niceties' out of the way- thank you sir, for your service to your country.  You obviously did well to reach Flag.

Now, just STFU be quiet, retire to some cabin somewhere, and get the hell out of trying to influence my Army.

BG (Ret) Kimmitt, as many of you may recall, was the principal spokesman for MNF-I/CJTF-7I back in the '03-04 timeframe, just prior to the handover of sovereignty and after the assumption of command by Gen Casey. Now, he's currently serving as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Middle East at the Pentagon.  He's been nominated, by Pres. Bush, as the Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs.  A position he absolutely does NOT DESERVE. 

I worked with this maniac person, developed briefs, talking points, interviews, etc, in the last 3 months of his tour as the spokesman.  I watched as this man repeatedly abused troops, his staff, and anyone that came in contact with him.  He is, and not just in my opinion, the most flagrant, abusive, a**hole officer to have served in Iraq.  Possibly in uniform.  I watched as he and Dan Senor, the DoS spokesman, went on extended, loud, almost-come-to-blows arguments over what I'd call 'trivial' things- all going on in earshot of many others in the CPIC.  These 'discussions' were legendary.  And completely unprofessional (and don't get me started on the prima-dona Senor).  How they escaped print in any MSM outlet, I'll never understand, because you could not have missed them.  (How much fun was it to listen to them argue over who had the most Google hits????)

What was far worse was how this man officer treated his personal staff- he abused them.  Horribly.  Mentally.  And I don't mean he was just 'tough'.  Tough guys, you can learn from and get to respect, no matter what they may be like.  And now, they want this guy to front military issues to State?  My ass...  Walking into his office was like visiting a mortuary- dead quiet, everyone afraid to move or make a noise for fear of upsetting him or 'waking the giant'.

There was hardly a day that went by that he didn't 'fire' an individual or even his entire staff for 'incompetence', and then when something needed to be done, demanding that they come back.  SEVERAL times.  They were actually in the process of moving their stuff out of the office on several occasions.  We heard it- 'you're fired' over and over.  And then the 'get back in here' order.  And this guy deserves a State posting??  If something needed adjustment, it wasn't 'please add this; please re-look at this; get this done now' type of requests- it was 'this is absolute #!&*#!! garbage- how the hell did you get here? You are complete S***!' only you have to insert the type of language I won't reprint here.  And more.

The running joke back then was Kimmitt was more afraid of his own team 'collecting' on the reward for his demise than the insurgents.  NO ONE wanted to be anywhere in range of this guy- he was that abusive.  And I'm talking O-6's and more.  Only a couple of (then) O-5's could face him, or would face him down- and boy, did they take the heat for just trying to do their jobs.  (Guys, if you're reading this, put a 'V' device on... you deserve it.)  They couldn't have been bad- they have been (very deservedly) promoted since...

For all the work people had done for him, he showed zero recognition for it.  When he left, we nearly threw a parade for him leaving- and not a fare-thee-well party.  And this guy is supposed to rep DoD to State?  I have many, many other examples, but I think you see my point.

I cannot fathom how this guy could get where he is if not for his family connections- for his demeanor is not that of a statesman, by any stretch of the imagination.  He in no way should be considered for this posting, let alone even continuing on in his current capacity.

If any of his former/current staffers are reading, my apologies to you all.  And my condolences.

If anyone doubts me, I can gin up dozens of people who'll back this up.  I'd go so far as saying none of them would throw him a life preserver in a hurricane.  A brick, definitely.

Mr. President, preserve our dignity.  Please consider withdrawing your nomination.  Or, to the members of Congress, trounce him on the nomination.  It's the only decent, worthy, troop-supporting thing to do.